I’m excited to wrap up 2018! So much has happened! This newsletter covers the last half of 2018. A lot has been going on in the ebbs and flows of the work. Some weeks are full of speaking engagements, workshops and consultation meetings. Other weeks I’m sequestered away working on future talks and researching workshops.

Radiant Treasures Alliance Conference

A re-cap of the schedule:
July: In the USA to attend a conference and do some fundraising.
August: In Bangkok working with Thailand NGOs – including a trip to the Thai-Malaysian border, and preparing for future workshops.
September: Spending time with future partners in Berlin improving my understanding the situation there and planning future activities. I also had the honor of being the main speaker at the Radiant Treasures Alliance National (Italy) Network conference. The work in Italy is compelling with so many different facets
October: Attending the Hope for Europe conference and speaking to the Health Professions Track about human trafficking. I got to meet health professionals from all over Europe and discussed the need to unite and mobilize against modern slavery.
October through December: Wrapping up the on-site coaching workshops for the mental health training for organizations working with victims of labor exploitation and trafficking. The on-site seminars were designed to discuss topics most relevant to the organizations and their particular situations. I enjoyed visiting the various sites around Thailand, visiting their offices and shelters and seeing how the work gets done. Seminars in central locations are good, but one misses many of the staff who are not usually tagged to travel. Therefore these occasions provide valuable opportunities for learning. On a couple of occasions we had to translate into Thai AND Burmese.

small group work

As a part of the Mental Health Training project I wrote a handbook about trauma and trauma informed care designed for the everyday staff member and care giver that fill most of the roles in the smaller NGOs. Regardless of the level of education or training, most will not have had any training in how to help people suffering from complex trauma. Most will not have any training on how to keep themselves whole while caring for the broken. The handbook is designed to be an easy reference in simple language with many illustrations and infographs. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!



Relentless Endurance Run

10am start grouop

The 5th edition of the 6, 12, and 24 hour ultramarathon took place on 24-25 November! It was a huge success and I’m pleased to announce that we will host it again late November 2019. Please read the race report here, and keep in touch on the website or the Facebook page if you are interested in participating next year!

Looking ahead:
In March, the Relentless base of operations will move to Berlin, Germany. The work will remain the same only that the geographical focus will shift. Asia will still factor in my work, but the opportunities are growing in Europe faster than they are in Asia. I will collaborate with local, national, European-wide, and global organizations against modern slavery and there is so much potential!

After 18 years in Asia, the transition is bittersweet. There is much to be proud of so far and much look forward to in the future. The transition will take a bit of time so the current work will taper and slow until things get going again in Europe. I appreciate your patience during this time but I hope you will anticipate great things in the future!

Thank you very much to all of you for your faithful support, your generous giving, and your determined attention! I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Joyous New Year!