Consultation for Counter-Trafficking Organizations

Have you ever wondered how to connect more deeply with your beneficiaries, whose behaviour is often baffling and inconsistent?

Does your staff struggle with issues of burnout, compassion fatigue or secondary trauma? Learn more about these and how to prevent them?

Are you interested in learning how to develop deeper trust and safety with your beneficiaries? 

Have you ever wondered what kinds of things should be in a medical kit and how to use them?

What does it mean to provide trauma-informed care?  How do we do it well?

What are the physical & mental health consequences of complex trauma and how can non-mental health professionals do to help restore and heal?

How do we approach someone who is self-harming or someone who we think may be contemplating suicide?


Relentless is available for consulting in a variety of contexts on numerous topics at the intersection of health and human trafficking. Relentless can help equip your organization, your staff, and/or your beneficiaries in developing a more robust health and wellness component to your interventions. A more competent staff is a more confident staff, which leads to improved capacity and longevity in care-giving.

Dr. Katherine’s long experience in the field fuels her knowledge about health and human trafficking. Whether your organization provides aftercare assistance, makes outreach initiatives, or is involved in prevention programs, Relentless can help.

Relentless also has experience training legal professionals, law enforcement, social workers, health care practitioners and other professionals in the circle of multi-disciplinary care.

Relentless is looking forward to participating with your organization. Consider any of the following activities:

  • Coaching organizations and teams working with chronically traumatized people
  • Retreats and Workshops (intensive training over 2-3 days)
  • Conference speaker
  • Training social workers, case managers, teachers, outreach teams, volunteers,
  • Clinical consultant for organizations who have health questions regarding their beneficiaries
  • Training for law enforcement officers and legal professionals

A few of the topics covered

  • Human Trafficking 101
  • Trauma and Trauma-informed Care
  • Identification of trafficking victims
  • Mental health and trauma for the non-medical professional
  • Trauma and the Brain-Body Connection
  • Essential Health and Wellness Practices for Assistance Programs
  • The developmental impact of trauma on the child
  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Dissociation and trauma
  • Trauma and addiction
  • Sleep
  • Trauma-informed street outreach
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Self-care and Boundaries
  • What you need to know about health/medicine before starting a shelter.
  • Human trafficking prevention

Do you have a question about an issue you don’t see listed? Please inquire about it!

What do you need to know before starting an aftercare program or an outreach initiative?

Do you have a question about an issue you don’t see listed? Please inquire about it!

Training workshops are designed to build your knowledge, resources, and capacity to meet the needs of your beneficiaries/patients as well as equip your staff to stay well-balanced while doing this very hard work. Please contact Relentless for availability and a fee schedule.

“I have found Dr. Katherine Welch is “relentless” in her commitment to make an impact in the fight against human trafficking. I first met Dr. Welch at the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville in 2010. Since that time Katherine has been an amazing resource, providing consultation specifically for ReachGlobal’s prevention project with national partners in West Bengal.

Her expertise in the field of health and human trafficking has made a huge impact in providing direction for our prevention project in West Bengal. Dr. Welch serves sacrificially and is ready to come alongside other serious about making a difference.”

Sharon Mall, ReachGlobal Asia Justice Initiatives Catalyst

Your Staff

  • Will have a better understanding of the complex ways trauma impacts the mental health, behavior, and decision-making of your beneficiaries.
  • Will be better able to address health and wellness questions often asked by beneficiaries.
  • Will be better equipped to handle health problems, thereby decreasing the burden of stress at work, which then can help decrease compassion fatigue and burnout.
  • Will know how to better address health issues that arise with your beneficiaries.

Your Beneficiaries

  • Will have more confidence and trust in your staff in providing a holistic and trauma-informed care.
  • Will have a better understanding of their brains and bodies and how they work.
  • Will be empowered to take more responsibility for their well-being.

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