What can a health care professional do about human trafficking?

Relentless is your resource for information and training on the physical, psychological, emotional, and developmental health consequences of human trafficking and chronic trauma. Relentless has extensive experience world wide in anti-trafficking work, such as medical care, training, and building the capacity of other organizations. Dr. Katherine combines medical practice with ground-level experience to inform her work and teaching.

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Are you interested in learning more? If so, visit recommended resources for books, articles, manuals, and other online materials. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate healthcare into interventions, scroll down to see more information about the Bridge Guides.

The Doctor Is IN Webinar Series

Are you someone who works with or volunteers for a counter-trafficking organization and have questions about the health of the people you serve?

Are you curious about how better to engage health professionals in the anti-trafficking work that you do?

Are you a healthcare professional who is interested in learning how you can be more engaged in counter-trafficking work?

Please join Dr. Katherine Welch every other Monday afternoon (15:00 CET) for a discussion about the intersection of health and human trafficking. I’ll briefly (15 minutes) discuss a topic and then open the time for your questions! You don’t have to ask anything about the topic – you may ask about anything. Questions are welcome, answers are not guaranteed, learning is encouraged. This is not just for people working in anti-trafficking – it is for everyone!

You are part of the program! You make the program!

The events are free, but you need to register through Ticket Tailor. A new event link is posted every week.

The inaugural webinar/discussion exploring the intersection points of healthcare and human trafficking. The video covers only the presentation portion of the webinar. The question and answer portion was not recorded for security and privacy reasons. If you have a question for me please join us in person!

This video briefly describe the public health approach to human trafficking and includes only my presentation. The question and answers portion is not recorded for the safety and security of the participants. If you have a question, please join us next time!



Bridge Guides

A series of Bridge Guides has been designed for practitioners (social workers, therapists, outreach workers, health care professionals, etc.) to help them incorporate sound health practices into their interventions. They are designed to help bridge the gap between the non-medically trained staff and local health care professionals (particularly in low-resource settings). They are also designed to help standardize and streamline the health care your beneficiaries receive under your care. They are not designed to replace a health care consultant, but may aid in decision-making. Recently they have been translated into Thai and Russian. With further funding, they will be translated into many other languages. 

Bridge Guides include:

  • Medical kit guidelines – for your adaptation to drop-in center or residential shelter
  • Health information questionnaire (for use as an intake tool)
  • Medical Intake form – for the client’s history and physical exam – to be filled out by a doctor as an initial health check (and retained for your documentation)
  • A follow-up clinic form
  • A guide to testing for sexually transmitted infections
  • A Vaccine Primer


  • Suicide prevention guidelines
  • Sleep regulation guidelines
  • Deliberate Self-harm guidelines
  • Human Papilloma Virus: what you need to know

More Bridge Guides in process:

  • Essential practices for health care of trafficked people
  • Infectious disease policy guidelines
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis of HIV and HBV
  • Staff care/self care – avoiding compassion fatigue and burn-out

To access the Bridge Guides, please send us a message.

“The commitment and dedication with which Dr. Katherine Welch and her Relentless team has for fighting injustice is tenacious. Her years of hands on experience in this topic make her the perfect person to practically equip and train others on issues of trauma, health and self-care. She is a valuable resource for us at Pink Door Berlin.

She advised us on good practices before we opened our shelter and after care program and continues her training with us on pertinent topics. She is always up to date on the latest methods of healing practices and makes herself available for us when we face difficult situations with participants and staff-care. Her desire for equipping organizations in excellence has greatly benefitted Europe in our fight against human trafficking. And she is a blast to hang out with, which is also an important part of healing.”

Rhonda Philips, Director, Pink Door Berlin