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Are you someone who is interested in learning more about human trafficking?

Are you interested in hearing a different take on issues related to human trafficking or modern slavery that you hear in the media?

Are you looking for non-sensationalized, well-researched, no-nonsense information about human trafficking?

Are you interested in what a physician who has worked for more than two decades in the thick of counter-trafficking work has to say about modern slavery and the counter-trafficking movement?


In 2020, Dr. Katherine started a video interview and podcast series dedicated to discovering the people and exploring the issues in grass-roots counter-human trafficking work. The early shows featured a webinar series where listeners participated live and were invited to stay on after the recording and ask questions. Later in the series I focused interviews with on-the-ground practitioners, health professionals, and other stakeholders. The shows also feature some big-picture issues that impact the counter-trafficking movement, such as self-care and climate change. Your questions, comments, and suggestions are, as always, welcome.

Links to audio and video versions:
Podbean: https://gorelentless.podbean.com/
Rumble: https://rumble.com/user/GoRelentless
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCReKrweVhegVWisbAzWE3Kg

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The Doctor Is IN! highlights 

I interviewed dynamo Dr. Judy Norman about her work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where she is doing some remarkable out-of-the-box interventions to improve the health and wellness of women in places like garment factories and those selling sex in the red-light district. We also discussed Trauma Informed Care in the Clinical Setting 

A discussion about the importance of national networks featuring Erika Tello of Radiant Treasures Alliance where she described her pioneering work in establishing a nationwide network of grass-roots counter-trafficking organizations in Italy. We discussed the origins, how it was counter-cultural, the blessings as well as the challenges. Another interview with Taina about her work with transgender women in prostitution in a European city.   

Addressing is self-care is an important part of long-term viability in this work. I encourage you to listen to The Essential Principles of Self-Care and Part Two is here.

Some of the podcasts tackle some controversial issues in the anti-trafficking movement. While these topics deserve much more exploration than a short podcast, you can find introductions to topics such as Conspiracy Theories and Deplorable NGOs.

I interviewed a colleague about Loverboys and Sex Trafficking Prevention, and I hosted a guest to discuss how to do online outreach to sexually exploited people. This podcast discusses how Covid19 and the pandemic measures impacted prostitution in Germany and her organization’s community-based exit-assistance program.

“The content of The Doctor Is IN webinars has been great for getting an overview of a wide variety of topics related to trauma and trafficked people. The discussions afterwards have been priceless though for making the theory tangible and providing a deeper understanding of the material.”  – Dierdre Haupt, counter-trafficking mobilizer and trainer, Berlin, Germany

“Dr. Katherine Welch has been at the forefront of combating human trafficking for 20 years. Her career has taken her to China, Thailand, and now Germany. Not only has she lived in these places, she has learned the languages, cultures and vulnerable populations unique to each. She has graciously shared her knowledge and insights in this new webinar series.”  – Jennifer Fischer, PA-C, leader, speaker, advocate, Houston, Texas