Dr. Katherine has been a tremendous resource and blessing to both the Urban Light team and the Urban Light Boys we serve. Serving an at-risk population of youth demands a person who beholds trust, confidence and discretion and Dr. Katherine has brought these gifts in addition to all her medical knowledge.

There have been many occasion when our staff are able to call upon Dr. Katherine at the last minute when a Boys is ill or in need of medical support–she never fails and for that we are forever indebted to her and her supporters. We hope to continue our wonderful partnership with Relentless and Dr. Katherine as we move forward serving and empowering the community in which we serve.”

Alezandra Russell, Founder and President, Urban Light

Dr. Katherine Welch has been a vital asset to the work at Step Ahead Foundation over the last several years. As a member of our Certification Board in our foster care program, she has helped place children out of International Detention Centers into appropriately trained families. She also has helped to train foster families and served as the health and medical consultant for the foster care program. 

Dr. Welch’s long-term experience with children and families at risk has provided excellent guidance for our staff.

Kimberly Quinley, Director, Step Ahead (Thailand)

Dr. Katherine Welch has been a valued partner with Daughters of Bulgaria. For the last several years she has been visiting our organization and other organizations throughout Bulgaria to provide clear, practical and expert guidance on the health complications of human trafficking and what we can do to help. Recently, Dr. Welch was one of the plenary speakers of our Conference on Holistic Approach to Trauma Care in April 2018. 

Dr. Welch’s long-term experience with survivors of abuse, exploitation and human trafficking makes her well qualified to provide excellent guidance for our staff.

Beth Stanton, Daughters of Bulgaria

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