Health and Medical Consultation

Get direct consultation about the unique health needs of your beneficiaries

Dr. Katherine has been able to provide direct medical care of survivors in certain situations in certain countries. Currently, she is preparing to obtain a medical license in Germany and is available to answer your questions about physical and mental health in the context of chronic trauma. The health needs of people suffering abuse, exploitation, and trafficking range from the very basic to quite complex. Not having a trauma-informed physician available for your beneficiaries can further complicate matters.

Relentless has extensive experience in working with chronically traumatized people and provides training and coaching services to help guide your organization through complex physical, mental and emotional needs of the survivors you serve. You don’t need to wait for a crisis to learn how to navigate emergencies and common health problems among your beneficiaries. Relentless can help you learn how to navigate common problems and health emergencies before a crisis develops. Relentless can help mitigate health issues from escalating into crises by equipping you to know how to handle certain health problems. While not able to provide medical care in every location, Dr. Katherine can field questions and give suggestions for care. Furthermore, knowing how our bodies work and how to keep them well will empower your staff as well as your beneficiaries to improve their well-being.

Preparing your beneficiary for visits to the hospital or clinic is an important task. Understanding how to advocate for yourself in the health care system is empowering step in recovery.  Grasping these issues can help save your organization time, money, and energy.

Another way to provide direct care is by giving health and psychoeducation courses for survivors to better understand trauma and its impact on their health and behavior. Relentless can provide this service directly or help you equip your staff to do it.

Reach out to Relentless to find out more about health consulting.

“The term ‘relentless’ clearly defines Katherine as a physician dedicated to caring for victims and survivors of human trafficking and pursuing health and justice for the poor who are too often marginalized in their communities. Since 2004, Katherine and I have collaborated on efforts to address the needs of women and their children who are trafficked and in prostitution. She has demonstrated leadership in working with other health professionals through, for example, contributing to the most current medical manual on the care of trafficked persons.

Katherine’s experience in diverse cultures have significantly honed her understanding and sensitivities to the training needs of these organizations. Her relentless pursuit of health and justice will greatly contribute to the success of these organizations and improve the services for those to whom they provide care.”

Brian Willis, Director, Global Health Promise