It has been a busy season for Relentless! Unfortunately, the busier it gets, the less time there is to write about all the great things going on. The good news is that the newsletter project has been resurrected and a new one will be out in January.

Between September, October, and November, I was in Moldova and Ukraine, Laos (a week each) and the United States (4+ weeks). Allow me to highlight some key activities and developments from these last few months.

Deepening Relationships
This was my second trip to Moldova and this time I was working solely with Beginning of Life. I loved this group the first time I visited in 2011 and so I was privileged to spend some in-depth time with them teaching their social workers, teachers, and beneficiaries. I also learned more about the nuances of caring for post-trafficking survivors in E. Europe as well as the update regarding the trafficking situation there.

newspaper Vientiane Times 3 Sept 13

An article about the workshop in the Vientiane Times

Doctors Catching On
During my first workshop in Laos (June) on Health and Human Trafficking, one of the participants was a Lao Pediatrician who works in Vientiane. He was quite impressed with the material and so interested to learn these concepts, he brought me back to Laos to present the workshop again at his hospital in September. Twenty-five physicians, nurses, and social workers attended the three-day workshop. I was also invited to contribute to a manual for after care shelters to be standardized across the country.


New Connections
During a workshop for social workers in Kiev (sponsored by A21 and Reach Global), a representative from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) presented me with a Ukrainian translation of the book I helped author that was published by IOM. This was my first trip to Ukraine and new connections for future work in after care as well as in prevention were forged. I look forward to more!

Looking Forward
I’m looking forward to next year with all the potential possibilities I see now, as well as the ones that are not yet seen. I hope you are looking forward to 2014 as well!

Wishing all of you a Wondrous and Happy Holidays!