Today, 30 July 2022, is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. It is day to remember that not only is this crime continues to grow globally, but the impacts and prevention affects us locally. Every nation on the planet has victims as well as perpetrators. Forms of trafficking include sex and labor trafficking, both of which involve men, women, and children as victims. Other forms include child soldiering, human trafficking for organ transplantation, and state-sponsored slavery. The industry profits at least $150 billion and affects at least 25 million people! Please check out the 2022 edition of the USA State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report and my take on it in my latest podcast.

This is huge! But it’s not TOO huge! There are good people doing amazing work around the world. Most of these people do not have million dollar budgets or mass marketing plans. They are devoted to doing what it takes to prevent trafficking and care for those who have suffered from it. Please take a look at some of my past podcasts to learn about what they are doing on my Rumble account: Please also join me over on Locals:

There is hope because there is a God who
has good news for the poor,
heals the brokenhearted,
announces freedom to all captives,
comforts all who mourn,
plants “Oaks of Righteousness”
and MORE!
(paraphrased from Isaiah 61)

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