Team Relentless just returned from a quick trip to Chiang Rai where we held a clinic on Friday afternoon/evening, and then did a couple of health workshops on Saturday morning.


Our patients included staff of our partner organization, children of their staff, boys residing in an aftercare home, children of the owner of a neighboring bar, children of a bar worker, as well as women working in the bars and massage parlours. Yes, we run a full-service clinic! We are here to serve all and serve all equally.

Matilda's "exam room"

Matilda’s “exam room”

The “Christmas Clinic” was held in an unused shop on a “red-light strip” of town. This was the first clinic we did with this particular organization and it was a huge success. Greeters hung out outside with cookies and hot chocolate playing Christmas carols. Inside Prae, Matilda, Katherine and the organization staff were hard at work with our patients.




Saturday morning we taught a couple of health workshops: dental care to elementary and middle school students and then a “bird and the bees” talk on sex and contraception to middle school and high school students. These students are enrolled in a program run by a project that is aimed at preventing kids from getting caught in exploitation. They target villages with at-risk families and youth and work with them to keep them in school and help with sustainable income projects for their parents.

Yes, we're wearing scarves, turtlenecks, and fleece! It's cold in Thailand!

Yes, we’re wearing scarves, turtlenecks, and fleece! It’s cold in Thailand!


Thanks to all who support us in all the ways that you do!

Be blessed this holiday season and into the New Year!