Relentless now has a Locals community! Locals is a kind of social media platform where creators have all the freedom to do what we do best – discuss issues we care about. I want to be able to engage with people who are interested in getting to the bottom of human trafficking and modern slavery, exploring the issues, and discovering solutions. I want to get away from the one-way communication style that Relentless has been doing and move towards a more collaborative engagement with followers in the community.


What questions do you have? What are you seeing in your community? What have you been hearing and learning about what’s going on around the world?


There are NO no-go questions or topics. Current events, 3rd rail issues, controversies, and conspiracy theories. All kinds of things going on in the world today impact human trafficking and the anti-human trafficking movement.


What have you always wondered about regarding human trafficking/modern slavery but were afraid to ask? This is a safe space to discuss and toss out ideas. You never know what will spark a breakthrough or inspire real change! We’ll employ critical thinking to express some uncommon and unpopular takes on the issue and what’s getting reported about it.


Related to human trafficking, we’ll also be discussing trauma, trauma-informed care, various forms of exploitation and labor. We’ll also touch on related risk factors and downstream effects. We’ll break out of the silo of treating human trafficking as an issue independent of everything else.


The easiest way to explain more about what this looks like is to share my intro post on Locals, where I explain what I want this to look like: RELENTLESS Community (

I think it’s going to be a more refreshing scene than Facebook and YouTube, with more opportunities to interact and learn. I’m still getting to know the platform but the potential is there!
Again, find me on Locals: RELENTLESS Community ( So far I’ve posted:
  1. An intro video
  2.  A short bit about the European Freedom Network’s efforts to stop human trafficking during the Ukraine war through it’s Christian networks.
  3. A bit of a rant and lesson in critical thinking in which I discuss an opinion piece that uses human trafficking as a political play against a certain policy.
See you there! Let’s catch up sometime!
This reminds me of the TV Bar “Cheers” where everybody knows your name. I hope this Locals Community is like that!