This quarter went by so fast and I’m moving so quickly on to the next things that I nearly forgot to catch you up on what Relentless has been doing!

Mental Health Training

In March and June I wrapped up a series of workshops aimed to build the capacity of staff to address mental health needs of trafficked men and women. These staff members mostly work for organizations that care for trafficked fisherman in Thailand. The series included 2x 3-day workshops in two different locations. We will also follow up with on-site training in future months.

small group session during mental health training workshop


In April and May I traveled to Europe to speak at a number of conferences as well as meetings with many different organizations. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Trauma Conference (4 days) in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Conference on Holistic Approach to Trauma Care in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Health and Human Trafficking: A Medical Conference for Health Professionals in Oradea, Romania. In Oradea, I also spent time training social workers in the foster care system, addressing trauma and addiction with health professionals in the public school system and training the staff of Abolishion and People2People.

speaking on Romanian TV at the Health and Human Trafficking Conference

Shifting Base of Operations

Relentless has been traveling to Europe for conferences, workshops, and organizational consultations since 2010. The work there has continued to develop in depth and breadth and there is more work to do than can be done in periodic trips. In fact, the invitations in Europe for work have greatly eclipsed the ones in Asia. The refugee crisis plus the growing awareness of modern slavery in Europe are several reasons why this is.

In 2019 (date TBA) Relentless will move the base of operations from Thailand to Europe (location TBA). This is a very exciting time! I will be returning to Europe again in September and October this year for more speaking and teaching engagements and I will be solidifying logistics during this time.

Relentless will continue to maintain partnerships in Asia. Instead of being based in Bangkok and traveling to Europe periodically, I will be based in Europe and traveling to Asia periodically. The work of Relentless remains the same.


I appreciate all of your support and interest in this work! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you!

With gratitude,

Katherine Welch