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Relentless, from its inception, has always been about pursuing and seeking out those who need assistance in the area of health and medicine – not sitting in a “brick and mortar” clinic waiting for the most desperate to come.  Medical clinics are only a part of the work – we also spend a lot of time and energy equipping assistance programs, counter-trafficking organizations, and healt care professionals in their holistic approach to care. We also work directly with beneficiaries in developing them to move from victim to survivor to “thriver”.

One of the easiest ways for you to get involved is to get generous. We’ve provided a simplified “menu” so that you can see how far your contribution goes. We are a very grass-roots, low-overhead organization so you can be sure that your gift goes directly to the work.

Menu for Giving

  • HIV antibody rapid test $4.
    • We provide free HIV testing for all of our patients – most of whom are required to pay out of pocket to get tested. We also provide pre- and post-test counselling and follow up for each patient.
  • Single dose treatment for common sexually transmitted infections (STI) $10.
    • New developments in treatment for STIs allow for a single dose of two or three antibiotics to effectively treat common infections, reducing the burden of disease in an at-risk population.
  • Translation of Bridge Guides
    • Approximately $500 per series
  • Development of new Bridge Guides
    •  research and development of each guide requires time and resources
    • $100 for the research and development of one Bridge Guide
  • Underwrite a workshop for health care practitioners in a developing country
    • Many health care organizations and assistance programs lack the specific funds to train their staff regarding exploitation, abuse, and trafficking. Just $500 could send Relentless somewhere in SE Asia for a two-day workshop.
    • We don’t want to let a lack of funds be a reason that traumatized beneficiaries receive substandard care.
  • Underwrite a health development workshop for your favorite counter-trafficking organization.
    • contact an organization that you already support, tell them about Relentless and what we have to offer, and offer to underwrite a health workshop for them.
  • Supplies: medicines, medical supplies and equipment for clinics


Learn about human trafficking in your area of interest or location. Please see this list of recommended resources.


  • Relentless is looking for passionate and qualified health professionals for short or long term placement.
  • Relentless needs passionate people who are not necessarily health care professionals who can contribute to the ongoing administration of Relentless.
  • For more information, please contact us.


View the calendar of speaking events, workshops, and conferences


Be creative in using your circle of influence to raise awareness about human trafficking, the work that Relentless is doing to fight it, and raise funds for our projects. For more ideas, please contact us


Participate in or support someone running the Relentless Endurance Run – an ultramarathon in which all proceeds to towards the work of Relentless