CheckPoint Newsletter 4th Quarter 2016

Hi friends,

As I wrap up this year for my organization and myself, I feel so grateful to be connected to each of you. Thanks for your continued support and I hope you have a happy holiday season and new year. Here are some updates on the past year:

Relentless moved to Bangkok!

Bangkok has much more to offer in that there is much more trafficking, as well as counter-trafficking work going on here. It is also a much more central and therefore convenient location to be based. Previous partner organizations benefit from my proximity and new partnerships are developing.

New Partnerships

Trauma Prevention & Recovery Institute is a new collaborative initiative among several NGOs to bring more comprehensive therapeutic strategies to the lower class Thai who suffer much but lack the time and funds to seek care. These people have been affected by abuse, exploitation, discrimination and other forms of violence. Many therapies are not available until one is hospitalized in a psychiatric unit or meets serious criteria. Our aim is to employ therapy, train others, and work on prevention (such as non-violent positive discipline) so that children are growing up safe and being a safe place for others.

Recently, Relentless has started collaborating with MAST (Multi-stakeholder Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain of Thai Fisheries) to help augment the trauma-informed care of victims. Please visit this article for more information.

 As of the end of this year, Relentless has 36 active partnerships around the world! An active partnership means that Relentless has engaged (e.g. training, consultation, clinic) with the organization within the last year. Total number of partnerships is over 60!

Natalie’s story of hope

Over the last year and a half I’ve had the privilege of helping Natalie, a woman trafficked to Asia from an African country. In a short time, she will finally be on her way home! An organization that helps women trafficked from abroad contacted me for medical consultation because she was quite ill from AIDS and other chronic illnesses. Although I do not manage the specifics of her medical care, I serve as an overall guide on her overall health and wellness, the medications she takes, when to see the doctor, etc.

Last week I spent several hours with her preparing her for going home, managing her medications, nutrition, disease prevention and other wellness issues. Furthermore, after being away for several years she will be reunited with her son who is now a teenager so we discussed puberty, how much he will be eating (!), what will be different with him, and how to talk to your child about sex and relationships – all things moms are nervous about.

It is wonderful to have a story of hope to share with you – it helps keep me going. Together we are making a difference!


Coming up in 2017!

April/May: I will travel to the USA with plans to visit the following cities: Baltimore, Ft. Wayne, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Portland OR, and others depending on time and demand. If you are interested in hosting a gathering to learn up close and personal (including stories not publishable on the internet) about Relentless’ work, please be in touch directly.

September/October: I will return to Germany, Moldova, Romania, Switzerland, and possibly other places. I would love to be in touch with you about any of that work.

Grace and peace,