About Relentless

Thailand, Bangkok, Katherine Welch

Thailand, Bangkok, Katherine Welch

Relentless is a cutting edge project at the intersection of health and justice. As a global health consultant to organizations that work with trafficked people, Katherine Welch, an American Pediatrician, helps to build their capacity in developing a more robust health component to their interventions whether is it prevention, outreach, or aftercare. Relentless has developed a training curriculum for staff of counter-trafficking organizations, along with a series of “Bridge Guides” to help bridge the gap between local health care and non-health care trained staff. Furthermore, Katherine presents workshops for training health care professionals around the world about the health consequences of human trafficking, identification of victims, and trauma-informed care of survivors. Relentless also holds clinics (in collaboration with organizations) for exploited people where they are (such as in red-light districts), even before they leave their exploitative situation. Clinics are also held for those in residential or community-based aftercare programs.

Vision: Relentless seeks liberty through health: We want to see all abused, exploited, and trafficked people receive quality health care; and that they will be empowered to thrive in health and wellness for the rest of their lives.

Mission: Relentless equips health professionals and non-health-related practitioners to develop a more robust, holistic, and integrated health component to their interventions, from initial encounter to long-term recovery.

Relentless is taken from a mantra among ultra distance endurance athletes: “relentless forward progress”. Relentless, according to Merriam-Webster, is “showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace”. The problems of injustice seem to be growing unimpeded throughout our world today. But Relentless is just as, if not more, unrelenting in the pursuit of justice.

We must be Relentless in…

  • Justice in health through compassionate service
  • Service to others – especially the marginalized, forgotten, and oppressed
  • Dedication to mentoring, partnership, and collaboration
  • Excellence in praxis
  • Sharing joy, hope, and love

“Dr. Katherine has been a tremendous resource and blessing to both the Urban Light team and the Urban Light Boys we serve. Serving an at-risk population of youth demands a person who beholds trust, confidence and discretion and Dr. Katherine has brought these gifts in addition to all her medical knowledge. There have been many occasion when our staff are able to call upon Dr. Katherine at the last minute when a Boys is ill or in need of medical support–she never fails and for that we are forever indebted to her and her supporters. We hope to continue our wonderful partnership with Relentless and Dr. Katherine as we move forward serving and empowering the community in which we serve.”
Alezandra Russell, Founder and President, Urban Light.